An idea at the service of an ideal.

The emotion, that only sport is able to offer, is a value to be shared by all the people without obstacles and barriers. Here then DiscesaLiberi, a sports association that believes in sport, people and in effective and authentic values.

DiscesaLiberi is an idea become reality thank to two professionals united by the same passion for the mountains and snow sports but mostly by the will to develop a concret and ambitious project to sustain an idea of sportiness able to overcome every barrier.

Basic Philosophy

DiscesaLiberi project is based on the convinction that live mountains give intense emotions to everybody but can offer really strong ones to disabled persons. Sport and mountains are able to favor significantly all the best conditions for acquisition of personal autonomies, for recovery and maintenance of a better health degree, for a constructive and rewarding use of leisure time, as well as for a greater presence and social integration.